Mentorship & Support Program For Newbie UI/UX Designers

Design Attractive UI/UX Design Portfolio & Case-study to Land Global Jobs

Even though you are a beginner

Why did we come up with this program?

We realized that most designers struggle with coming up Case-Study & building an Attractive portfolio. This is holding them back from applying to jobs and opportunities. We want to mentor, support and guide them through this special. program 

Who is this for?

This program is for you if:

1. You just concluded a UI/UX Design Training but finding it difficult to design a portfolio or case-study
2. The presentation of your designs sucks, it is not beautiful like what you see online, instagram, dribble, behance etc.
3. You want to be able to post and present your design in a beautiful and attractive way.
4. You are looking for jobs or internship opportunity but don’t know how to go about it.
5. You want to secure a foreign remote job but don’t have confidence in your portfolio.. 

Land your dream job like Felix who is currently earning $1,700 monthly

This is how it happened for Felix

After learning UI/UX and applying to multiple roles without even landing an Interview, Felix was frustrated and tired. 

He reached out for help and we asked for his CV & Portfolio.

His portfolio was disappointing, disorganized and filled with crapy designs. 

Felix was guided and mentored to redesign his case studies & portfolio. 

By the second month, Felix landed a job with a New Zealand Firm earning $1,700 monthly


This is not a course it is a lifetime mentorship & support

This simply means, once you join, you will always have access to support & guidance as regards to building your portfolio and case-study. 

This is how it is structured:

✅ Make Payment 
✅ Join a Private Support Group on WhatsApp
✅ Access pre-recorded videos on design presentation, case study & portfolio building.
✅ Join Live Classes 
✅ Schedule 1 on 1 with your mentor. 

You will enjoy all the above for a lifetime, no extra payment till you have an attractive portfolio to land a good job.

Things you will learn

✅ Presentation Design 
✅ Mock-ups 
✅ Case Study Presentation
✅ Portfolio Building 
✅ Web Design using Framer 
✅ Dribble & Behance 

Free Resources

✅ ATS Resume Templates
✅ How To Find & Apply To Remote Jobs
✅ CV/Resume ATS Optimization
✅ Daily Job Openings to Apply To

Mentorship & Support Program Fee


But you can grab a 90% discount right now before it ends



I have question I’ll love to ask

You might be thinking:

We believe only people who pays, pay attention and that is why we have provided up to 90% discount to ease the financial burden.

Yes, there will always be a mentor for you to schedule a call with

This program is not about getting jobs but designing and building your portfolio as a UI/UX Designer to get a job.

A quick recap

These are the things you will get 

✅ Lifetime mentorship and support on case-study and portfolio

✅ Learn and master case-study presentation and portfolio

✅ Learn and master no code tools like Framer

✅ Confidently host your portfolio online

Expectations You Should Have: Design beautiful case study & portfolio

Your Desired Goal: Attract employers and get jobs

Mentorship & Support Program Fee


But you can grab a 90% discount right now before it ends



I have question I’ll love to ask

Meet our students & hear what they are saying about us

We are super excited to have trained people whose life have been changed through our courses and bootcamps. Here are few of the stories.

Paul Felix

Hi 👋 I saw what you guys did with the bootcamp thing, I love it. Thank you for having lazy people like us in mind. It’s truly a life changer.

Zainab Ali

The lessons are very insightful and it shows Nerd Eye has prioritize helping newbies in tech.


The videos in each session are super cool, easy to follow and super amazing. However, I had a little challenge with my internet connection but I’m definitely preparing for a good network provider.


I’m lucky to have found out about Nerdy Eye, I have been learning on my own before but I wasn’t understanding but since I joined the community, it has been easy for me .


I have seen other plaforms, they are static and unfriendly but Nerdy Eye, you guys blew my mind. I have already given up but you guys gave me hope.


I’ve been struggling with the whole self paced thing. Got a course on Udemy on cloud computing but I lost interest in it. Ever since I started learning with the community here, it has been amazing as I no longer feel alone.

Pizzy Dedon

😁 Help me tell the Frontend facilitator that I’m enjoying her lessons especially that small shakara she use to do at the end of her videos lol!


The classes have been on point, every topics and lessons stood out, I really appreciate Nerdy Eye, The experience has been awesome 

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