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strategic digital marketing planning and execution for your team or staff

Train your staff on strategic digital marketing planing and execution. Implement effective digital marketing strategies to your business.

Train your staff or team on working digital marketing techniques and strategies. This traing covers the use of relevant tools, drafting marketing plans and strategies that are known for yielding results, getting prospects and customers online.



  • Firms/business owners who want to double their online sales/revenue and even more.
  • Firms/Business owners who want to train their staff or marketing team/department on practical effective digital marketing strategies.
  • Frms who want to implement working strategies for their business.
  • Firms with two (2) or more members in their marketing team.
  • Firms/Business owners who want to get prospects and customers online.



  • Your marketing team do not have the required digital marketing skills and knowledge to reach and exceed your online sales target.
  • You want to double, tripple or even more your online sales and revenue.
  • You want to get prospects and clients online.
  • You want your marketing team to be equiped with the right digital marketing skill to plan and come up with working digital marketing plans and strategies.
  • You want professional hands on deck with your marketing team.

Some other reasons includes:

  • Your staff /team do not have digital marketing skill/knowledge to execute plans.
  • You are not satisfied with their current digital marketing performance.
  • They are finding it difficult in coming up with strategic planning to achieve digital marketing goals/objectives.
  • Can’t execute/meet digital marketing targets.
  • Getting little or no customers online.
  • You want them to be certified digital marketers.



The trainig will be tailored to your firm requirements, area of interest and point of need.



This comes after training, our team and professionals will work with your marketing team for a period of2-4weeks to strategize and implement working strategies for your business.

we will only train, we'll be there to put them through to implement and execute this strategies till it start to yield result.



The aim here is to help you, your firm/business realize optimum result, get prospect, convert them to paying customers online, reach and exceed your sales target online.

For us to help you achieve this, we go through the following process:

1. Diagnosis

At this stage we set a meeting with your team with the aim to discover the problem and state of your current digital marketing sales of your business.

2.  Tailored Training

We prepare a tailored training for your staff or team as it relate to what your business really need to succeed online.

3. Planning and Strategy

We plan and strategize with your team on what, how and when to or not do with the aim to exceed your business digital marketing sales targets.

4. Execution and Mentorship   

We execute with your team what was planned and strategize. Work with them for 2-4weeks to ensure marketing target is met and exceeded.

5. Result

At this point you can buy us a cup of coffee as we celebrate the result with you and your team.


Imagine where:

  • Your business revenue will increase.
  • Your profit/income will double. 
  • You will not only meet but exceed marketing target.
  • Your staff/team will be equipped with the right skill to help you implement and repeat same process over and over again and achieve even a greater result.


How much will you be willing to invest to achieve at all that?

It worth more than a million naira.



1 - 5 team members


5 - 10 team members

60,000 per member

10 or more team members

750,000 flat fee



If you are not satisfied with the training and entire program 100% refund will be made. This is how sure we know it will yield maximum results.


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