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The secret guides and templates that anybody can use to secure a well paying Tech Job home or abroad in 3Months. 

Date: 5th November, 2022

Time: 8pm WAT.

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This is the gist...

We noticed a thread not only with newbies but also with tech bro/sis with even 3 years experience in the industry is facing.

Guess what?

They are experiencing difficulties in getting gigs, they are frustrated in getting tech jobs, they ask themselves is it my resume or my portfolio but yet they are not getting answers.

Some of them just want to make pocket money before their big tech breakthrough and that is why I made this tweet here 

But we have good news…

We have found out things they are all not getting right that they should get right if they want their big Tech Breakthrough.

For you, maybe you just want to learn a tech skill or searching for your first tech job or desire to get a foreign remote job paying up to $8,000 monthly.

Whatever the case is, we have got answers and we will share it for FREE in this particular webinar.

You will also have access to the following resources for FREE as well:

  1. Portfolio Templates
  2. Resume Template that guarantees success
  3. Cover Letter Templates that guarantees success
  4. Gig/Offer Ideas
  5. Job Application Platforms you need to know
  6. Social Media Content Ideas for your Personal Brand
  7. Support Telegram Group to network and ask questions
  8. 25% Discount on our online Bootcamp Course. 

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