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Business to web

Digital marketing and branding.

Business to web seminar is aimed to help firms or individuals with already established businesses, small businesses, start-ups or people with business ideas, make maximum use of the internet to firmly increase sales and in turn make profit.

With the help of Digital Publicity, we are going to reveal hidden strategies that businesses can use to reach new customers daily by getting more people to know about their business. To achieve this goal, we’ll endeavor that their business is branded online with good reputation (online presence) as the knowledge of digital marketing and publicity is imparted.

Applicants should be expecting: Digital Marketing Training which will comprise digital marketing course, online publicity ideas, business website and many more.

Digital marketing and publicity

By the end of the seminar you will be equipped with all you need to know about digital marketing and publicity. It will be taken in a well detailed and practical approach.

Digital marketing skills you will learn

  • Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)
  • Social Media Marketing (S.M.M)
  • Search Engine Marketing (S.E.M)
  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Campaign (Facebook, Instagram, Google adwords etc.)
  • Campaign testing
  • Link building and lots more


2 weekend days.


Taking place in Lagos

4 Ishola Street, Alagomeji, off Herbert Macaulay Yaba, Lagos.


24thFeb 2018.

Who Are Invoved

A lots of industry professionals and firms

Nigeria’s fastest growing online shopping mall

Successfully built an indigenous music streaming platform

Online news portal for political, entertainment and tech


Known for designing effective ads conversion graphics

business to web digital marketing seminar

What you'll get

In the course of the seminar we are going to:

Build a Website for your business for free (₦50,000 Value).

Get Domain Name of your choice for free (₦5,000 Value).

Host it for free (₦70,000 Value).

Provide all the Graphic Requirements for free (₦55,000 Value).

Design Logo for your business where need be for free (₦30,000 Value).

and lots more...

we'll show you how to

Reach More Audience
Make More Sales
More Revenue

Do you have a business idea?

You will be able to start it up and before you know it you will be living the dream. Imagine 1,000 people knowing about your business everyday, that's fresh 1,000 persons you can sell your business, idea or what you do to. Let's say 100 is converted into sales which is just 10% of the 1,000. That's 100 new customers everyday, in a week it Will be 500 to 700 new customers. Will that take your business to the next level? Well, we all know it will.

We know the question you might be asking right now: How is this possible?

The Power of The Internet


In Nigeria alone it is estimated that over 97 million people have access to the internet. That's the potential number of people that might be interested in what you do.

What you'll need?

For you to dive into this oil wealth in the internet, make maximum use of its potential to sell your product, services or even start up your idea, you will need two things:

having a reputable web presence

A web presence

How, when and where to be there, take full control, what to do there and be prepared for those who might want to take interest in you.

knowledge how to make maximum use of the web presence


Having a web presence is not enough, you need knowledge on how to make maximum use of the web presence

Samuel .L. Agbo

C.E.O Dungada Tech Ltd.

Hi, I’m Samuel, I’ll be one of the speakers, I’m a full stack programmer/developer with years of experience developing web applications for firms, industries, small and large business persons.

I have seen businesses fail online and I have seen, monitored and managed successful once.

I will reveal to you:

Why businesses fail online.

Why most people don’t make a penny from their business website.

Simple and effective way to bring your business to the digital scene.

How to benefit from the wealth flowing online.

I really want to teach and reveal to you a lot of strategies used by industry professionals but before then, I’ll reveal to you right here and now a strategy called [Discovery Strategy].

Discovery Strategy

With the discovery strategy you will be able to know:

What to sell if you don’t have idea yet or still contemplating.

What people are searching for online.

Their interest in ration to your product(s) or services.

To achieve all that, we’ll use a simple tool you are already familiar with. Guess what?

discovery strategy

Google Search Engine

Google have a functionality called “Autocomplete”. This functionality predicts what we are searching from what most people are searching similar to our input.
Can’t wait to see how it works? Let’s dive in.

1. Visit

Google Home Page

2. Enter in the search box in the format:

Best your services/products for .......

Replace your services/products with your product or service e.g. Best socks for .......

Google Autocomplete

Autocomplete tells us that the people searching for socks online are either searching socks for running, smelly feet etc. With this discovery or knowledge we can create a product for those particular audience, sell it to them and in turn make our cool cash. Try it, with your product or services and see what people are searching for in relation to your product(s) or service(s).

Before you start jumping over the table, wait first.

In the seminar you are going to learn:

How to build product/services in line with the discovery strategy.

Product segmentation.

How to make people searching on google visit your site.

How to ensure at least, 1000 site visitors daily.

Ability for people to find about your business easily with search engines in the likes of Google, bing etc.

How to ensure at least, 1000 site visitors daily.

How to build customers engagement and interaction, understand it and use it to increase sales.

How to take maximum use of the site.

How to run targeted digital campaign and publicity.

How to handle sales, build customers engagement, keep them returning and lots more.

Educate you on how search engines work and how to use the knowledge to your favour.

Understanding and how to maximize hashtags on social media.

How to merge both offline and online presence to build your brand..

Guess What?

We will help you run paid advert for you with the bills on us.

don't sit back

Don’t sit back and watch people take this awesome opportunity.

You take it now by registering.

Sorry, i forgot to tell you. Don’t worry i won’t forget on the seminar ground. I will also reveal to you my hidden strategy called the [ Gorilla Attack ]

The aim is to populate the internet with content about your company, business, products or services.

“It’s said that when you talk about yourself people might not believe you but when others talk about you they will”.

With Gorilla Attack, we can achieve all that, also enables us to attain trustworthiness, reputation and authority.

Free bonuses

Don’t forget, these are what you will get for free and many more

Free website design


A professionally designed business website to ensure reputable online presence for your brand.

Free domian name

Domain Name

If your business name is Apple, you get as your web address and we pay for it.

free web hosting


Hosting is what allow your site accessible anywhere in the world and we will pay for it.

free logo design


Peradventure you don’t have logo for your business or brand; we’ll provide a professionally designed logo for you.

free graphics design


All the graphic requirements that is needed to set your site and social presence on the go, we’ll provide it.

free paid ads

Free Paid Ads

Yes, it is free paid ads because you get it free because we are paying for it.